Wildlife and Landscapes - Alex Wilkinson Media

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Scenic landscapes and amazing wildlife is around us in every day life, whether it’s the view from your bedroom window to the worms below your feet. Using my skills developed from my Masters of Science in Biological Photography and Imaging undertaken at The University of Nottingham I photograph and video the world around us, allowing people to see its beauty and help understand its processes.

In this gallery you can see landscape and wildlife images taken from all over the world from the tundras of the Arctic Circle to the charming surroundings of the University of Nottingham, the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda to the heights of Machu Picchu, and have even found time to photograph areas of my home town Barnsley, as well as capture the beauty of the surrounding Peak District. Some of the animals you can see are: Chimpanzees, the closest living relative to humans, rhinos which are some of the most poached animals in the world, cute owls including barn owl chicks, the influence of humans on the world and much more.

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