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Aerial photography and videography is still a relatively young concept, yet the possibilities and ways in which it can enhance photography collections and videos are infinite. The lightweight and easily maneuverable drone allows for unparalleled versatility in the air both indoors or outdoors. We are fully insured and licensed with approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to use some of the latest drone technology, the DJI Inspire, in order to capture breathtaking and informative shots of any number of scenes and events. Some of our past drone projects have included photographs and videos taken of buildings, construction sites, graduation ceremonies, farms, and sports events. This exciting technology means that the possibilities are endless.

A lot of planning goes into drone shoots, and we work with you to ensure that we achieve the best results possible. We take a number of steps to ensure a safe and successful shoot.

Step 1. Enquiry

Get in touch with us and let us know what your requirements are and where you would like the shoot to take place.

Step 2. Site analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the shoot location to ensure that it is both a safe place to fly the drone and so that we can tailor your shoot to suit you and your location.

Step 3. Create a brief

We will create a brief for the shoot, detailing the safety considerations and the intended outcomes of the shoot.

Step 4. Contact relevant authorities

Occasionally it is necessary for us to contact authorities such as airports and the police to inform them of the shoot. We will do this for you.

Step 5. Weather check

Five days before the shoot is the earliest that we are able to receive the most accurate information about the weather on the day of the shoot. Using our knowledge and experience we will then decide whether the conditions are conducive to a successful shoot. If not, we work with you to reschedule to a time suitable for you.

Step 6. On the day

We will arrive, conduct a short series of safety procedures, then commence shooting. It is as simple as that!

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