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We were proud to publish our first book in 2014. 'Our Closest Relative – The Chimpanzee' documents the characteristics and life of chimpanzees through a series of captivating images accompanied by easy to understand scientific information. The book includes an investigation into the threats this spe

cies faces as well as a celebration of how the survival of this endangered species is being managed. The chimpanzee is the closest living relative to the human species in the animal kingdom, sharing 98.7% of its DNA with humans as well as many of its intellectual, behavioural and physical traits. Throughout Africa, this species is at constant risk of poaching, habitat loss and disease, as well as facing many other concerns. Optimistic predictions of current population levels only reach up to 300,000 individuals in the wild. It is our hope that this book will help to educate readers and ensure the survival of this amazing species in the future.

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