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Welcome to my website. I am a professional photographer and videographer operating throughout Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. My passion for photography developed during my postgraduate studies in MSc Biological Photography and Imaging at The University of Nottingham – a course that studies wildlife and the environment through various media platforms and uses the results to educate and inform the public.

Since first picking up a camera several years ago, I have both won and been shortlisted for national photography competitions (such as the RNLI My Coast competition and the ZSL London Zoo photography competition.) I have also worked with many prominent figures and prestigious institutions, including the former head of MI6 (Sir John Sawyer), Olympic athletes such as Etienne Stott, and The University of Nottingham. I currently run photography workshops throughout the country (including workshops based at Twycross Zoo), and operate the photography for The National Watersports Centre in Nottingham.

As my skills are firmly rooted in wildlife and natural history photography, the similarities between humans and animals – primates in particular – and the environment that we share is something I have always been curious about. This has inspired me to travel to unique and wild locations to document the wildlife and environment that surround us, whether the subject is five millimetres long or over five metres tall. In the past, I have travelled to Uganda to produce a book on chimpanzees entitled ‘Our Closest Relative – The Chimpanzee’. The book shares information about chimpanzees, their relationships and their likeness to humans. I have also produced a video of Uganda’s only wild rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, where we worked with the United Nations Development Fund to microchip and record key details about the rhinos. This work helps to ensure their preservation and development in a country where they were previously being wiped to extinction.

Photography is more than just a job to me – it’s a passion. I believe that this passion comes through in all the work that I produce. Whether it’s a video of a recent project you have undertaken, aerial shots of a dream location or capturing your wedding day, I strive to ensure that all my work is of the highest possible quality whilst simultaneously being unique to your style and needs.

I am also very keen to share my knowledge and teach others about photography and the environment we live in. Whether it’s running workshops at Twycross Zoo, group talks or personal one-to-one tuition days, I tailor all material to you, your level and your understanding. 

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